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Monday, October 19, 2009

"Failed To Find Flength File": Uber-Uploader Error SOLVED

"Failed to find flength file."

I moved a new application we're developing from the development server onto the one that we hope to release live soon. As part of this package, we make use of Uber-Uploader and experienced no problems with the dev server, which was set up identically to the soon-to-be-live configuration. However, I kept getting a "Failed to find flength file" error on the new server.

I first consulted the page from Uber Uploader entitled Flength File Help "Failed To Find Flength File." That was clearly not the problem—I did not even have the mod_security module for Apache configured. I then ended up in a discussion forum related to the XUpload solution. Still no joy, though looking back, some people may have been on the right track, just not able to clearly communicate the solution.

In short, it was a file permissions issue. As most of you reading these words probably know, Linux has file permission settings and your Perl/CGI uploader script needs to chmod-ed to 755 or similar—it needs to be fully executable, in other words. No doubt the same issue would be true of an MS server with permissions set as well.

Don't know how to set script permissions? Most FTP programs offer that functionality, including the open-source program FileZilla—right click the Perl upload file, as shown below, and set your permissions to fully executable: